Record Demand for Adra GYO Public Offering: Listing Date Has Been Announced


Adra Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) received a record demand in its public offering held on September 14-15. In the public offering, shares with a nominal value of 1 TL were offered for sale at a fixed price of 22,66 TL. The size of Adra GYO's public offering was announced as 1,6 billion TL. 34 lots were distributed to investors in the public offering.

100 Percent Success in Adra GYO Public Offering

Adra GYO achieved 100 percent success in its public offering. A total of 70 million shares were offered for sale in the public offering. 35 million of these shares were allocated to individual investors and 35 million to institutional investors. In the public offering, 34 lots were distributed to individual investors and 1.029.412 lots to institutional investors.

Adra GYO's First Trading Day on the Stock Exchange

The date when Adra GYO will start trading on Borsa Istanbul has been announced. The company's shares will begin trading on Borsa Istanbul Star Market on Wednesday, September 20, under the code ADGYO. According to Adra GYO's public offering price, its market value will be approximately 1,6 billion TL.

About Adra GYO

Adra GYO is a company operating in the real estate investment trust sector. The company's portfolio includes projects from different real estate segments such as residences, offices, shopping malls, hotels and logistics. The company's portfolio value is approximately 2,3 billion TL. The company's vision is to be a leading and innovative player in the real estate industry.