What will the EU's decision regarding Chinese automakers be?


The European Union Is Not Allowing China's Electric Vehicles

The EU has launched an investigation against cheap electric vehicles coming from China. Roberto Vavassori, president of the Italian automotive industry association, said this step was positive but insufficient.

The European Union (EU) launched an investigation on the claim that cheap electric vehicles from China are distorting the market. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated that China's state support to electric vehicle manufacturers leads to unfair competition. This investigation follows EU regulations to prepare the car industry for an all-electric future.

Italian automotive industry association president: Investigation is late

Roberto Vavassori, head of Italy's automotive industry association, told Bloomberg that the EU had taken a positive step with this investigation, but it was too late and not enough on its own. “A serious and effective investigation had to be done quietly,” Vavassori said. This statement should have come with some investigation results. Now ships full of electric vehicles from China are on their way to Hamburg and other European ports. “Announcing now that we will launch an investigation seems a little late, especially at a time when political and commercial relations between Europe and China are extremely sensitive.” said.

It's not a France-Germany conflict, it's a matter of common interest

Vavassori also emphasized that this investigation should not be seen as a struggle of France against Germany. Vavassori said, “We must put party interests aside on this issue. Although German automakers have made larger investments in China than the French, it was not just the French who wanted this investigation. We must not fall back into thinking that one country is against another. “We should not fall into a polarization that will not take us forward.” he said.

What are the EU's electric vehicle targets?

The EU aims to have 2030 percent of newly sold vehicles be electric or hybrid by 40. To achieve this goal, EU countries are taking various measures to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles and improve charging infrastructure. However, this goal of the EU also brings with it the difficulties faced by the automobile industry. The environmental and social impacts of the production and use of electric vehicles are not yet fully known. In addition, the cost, performance and safety of electric vehicles are still at a disadvantage compared to traditional vehicles.

What is China's electric vehicle strategy?

China is the world's largest electric vehicle market. The Chinese government provides large amounts of state support to support the production and sales of electric vehicles. In this way, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers gain a competitive advantage in both the domestic and foreign markets. China's electric vehicle strategy plays an important role both environmentally and economically. China aims to both reduce the air pollution problem and become a leader in the global automobile industry with electric vehicles.

How can a balance be established between the EU and China?

The tension between the EU and China regarding electric vehicles stems from the fact that both sides want to protect their interests. The EU is turning to electric vehicles to prepare the automobile industry for the future and achieve its environmental goals. China, on the other hand, wants to solve environmental problems and strengthen itself in the global market with electric vehicles. In this case, both parties need to recognize each other's rights and responsibilities and ensure a fair competition environment. The investigation initiated by the EU can be seen as a step taken to establish this balance. However, whether this step is sufficient will depend on the results of the investigation and the reactions of both parties.