Who is Sıla Doğu? What is the profession of Dilan Polat's older sister Sıla Doğu?

Who is Sila Dogu?

Sıla Doğu, the older sister of social media phenomenon Dilan Polat, is a name that has been on the agenda lately. Sıla Doğu is known as a beauty expert and digital media content producer. So, who is Sıla Doğu? Here is information about Sıla Doğu's life and profession:

Life of Sıla Doğu

Sıla Doğu was born on May 6, 1996 in Adana. Sıla Doğu, a Taurus, is 1,75 tall and weighs 53 kilos. Dilan Polat's sister, Sıla Doğu, is also zamHe is also the brother-in-law of Engin Polat.

Sıla Doğu's father died in prison in 2012. It is not known why his father killed his mother.

Who is Sila Dogu?

Sıla Doğu is a social media phenomenon with more than 2 million followers on Instagram. Sıla Doğu, who attracts attention with her beautiful and attractive photographs, also zamIt is also popular on TikTok.

Sıla Doğu's Profession

Sıla Doğu works as a beautician and digital media content producer. In 2015, she opened a beauty center in Istanbul together with Dilan Polat. This center has become an indispensable stopover place for famous names in a short time.

In addition to her beauty center, Sıla Doğu also produces digital media content. She shares videos about make-up, fashion, health and lifestyle on her YouTube channel. She also offers fun and interesting content on Instagram and TikTok.

Who is Sila Dogu?

Sıla Doğu's Coming to the Agenda

Sıla Doğu has recently come to the fore due to allegations regarding the financial income of Dilan Polat and Engin Polat. A person named Muhammed Yakut claimed that the couple was laundering money. Yakut also said that Sıla Doğu's father died in prison.

Dilan Polat and Engin Polat denied the allegations and filed a criminal complaint. The couple stated that they were victimized by the false allegations against them.