Who is BUSRA PEKIN, how old is she, where is she from? In which TV series and movies did Büşra Beijing act?

Who is Busra Beijing?

Who is Büşra Beijing, how old is she, where is she from?

Who is Büşra Beijing, who is known for her program 'Very Beautiful Movements These' and has appeared in many TV series and films, how old is she, where is she from? In which TV series and movies did Büşra Beijing act? Here is information about Büşra Beijing's life.

Büşra Beijing's Birthplace and Education

Büşra Beijing was born on June 30, 1982 in Saudi Arabia. Büşra Beijing, whose father was a Thessaloniki immigrant from Istanbul and her mother was from Ankara, grew up in Izmir. She started her high school education at Yaşar Neng College and completed it at Lake Side High School in Arkansas, USA. She graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Theatre.

Büşra Beijing's Acting Career

Büşra Beijing started acting in front of the camera in 2002 with the character of Esma in the TV series En Son Babalar Duyar. She joined BKM Mutfak actors in 2005 and took part in many sketches. In 2006, she played the character of Songül in the new generation team of Bir Demet Theater TV series. In 2007, she had her first cinema experience with the character of Selen in the movie Holy Damacana.

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Between 2008 and 2010, Büşra Beijing made the audience laugh with various characters in the program Çok Güzel Hareketler Söyle. Same zamHe also wrote some sketches at the time. In 2009, she gave a successful performance as Ayla Şenyurt in the movie Neşeli Hayat and won the Sadri Alışık Award and SİYAD Best Supporting Actress Award for this role.

After appearing in the movie Çok Filim Hareketler Söyle, Büşra Beijing played the character of Şirin Hatun in the TV series Magnificent Century in 2011. In 2014, she starred in the movie Hadi Inshallah with Murat Boz and played the famous writer Pucca.

In the following years, Büşra Beijing also starred in comedy films such as Mucize, Objection Var, Cologne Republic, Tatlım Tatlım, The Baker's Wife, Dealer Meeting. She also played popular characters in TV series such as Kardeş Payı and İşler Güçler. Büşra Beijing most recently played the voice actress Dilber Ay in the movie Dilberay, which was released in 2022, and received great acclaim for this role.