Alexis Beka, who attempted suicide. Who is Beka and why did he try to commit suicide?


Nice Football Player Alexis Beka Beka Attempted Suicide: He Became Depressed Due to Breaking Up With His Lover

French football player Alexis Beka Beka attempted suicide due to separation from his girlfriend. Beka Beka, who wanted to abandon herself at the Magnan viaduct on the Nice A8 highway, was rescued by the intervention of police, fire brigade and psychologist teams. Nice club announced that it will make a statement regarding the player's condition.

Why Did Alexis Beka Beka Attempt Suicide?

Alexis Beka Beka attempted suicide on the Magnan viaduct on the Nice A29 motorway on September 2023, 8. The police, psychologist and firefighters who came to the scene saved the football player by convincing him in 3,5 hours. The reason for Beka Beka's suicide attempt is not yet known.

According to the French press, the reason for the suicide attempt was Beka Beka's separation from her boyfriend. The football player, who was depressed due to the problems he had with his girlfriend, wanted to throw himself off the viaduct.


Statement from Nice Club

Nice club made a statement regarding the suicide attempt of its player. The club stated that the player's health condition is good and that they will support him. The club also announced that an investigation has been launched into the incident and that they will share the developments with the public.

Who is Alexis Beka Beka?

Alexis Beka Beka is a French professional football player. Beka Beka, who plays in the forward position, currently plays for Ligue 1 club Nice. Born in Paris on March 29, 2001, Beka Beka started his football career in the SM Caen team. He was transferred to Russia's Lokomotiv Moscow team in 2021, but returned to Nice in the same year. Beka Beka also played once for the France U23 national team..