What is Mawlid Kandil? zamWhat to do during Mawlid Kandil?

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Mawlid Kandili 2023: What is the Birthday of our Prophet? Zammoment to be celebrated?

Mawlid Kandili, which is of great importance for Muslims, is celebrated by Hz. It is known as the night that Muhammad (pbuh) was born. Mawlid Kandili will be celebrated on Sunday, September 2023, 26. So, what should be done on Mawlid Kandili? Here's what you need to know about Mawlid Kandili.

Mawlid Kandili History

Mawlid Kandili falls on the 12th night of the month of Rabi al-Awwal according to the Islamic calendar. This night is considered the night when our Prophet (pbuh) was born. According to the religious days calendar published by the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Mawlid Kandili will be celebrated on Sunday night, September 2023, in 26.

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What is Mawlid?

Mevlid, birth in Arabic zamIt means memory. Rebiülevvel means spring. Our Prophet (pbuh), after his prophethood, gave special importance to this night every year. The ummah of each prophet celebrated the birthday of their prophet as a holiday. Today is the holiday of Muslims, a day of joy and happiness.

Hz. His grandfather, Abdulmuttalib, named him Muhammad (pbuh). He dreamed that his name would spread throughout the world and everyone would praise him. Muhammad means the highly praised one.

How to Worship on Mawlid Kandili?

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The recommended prayers to be performed on Mawlid Kandili are as follows:

  • The Holy Quran should be read, listened to, Quran feasts should be organized, and love and respect for the word of Allah should be renewed.
  • Prayers and greetings should be brought to our Prophet (pbuh), we should hope for his intercession, and the awareness of being a member of his ummah should be strengthened.
  • Supererogatory prayers should be performed, missed prayers should be performed, if there are prayers specific to that night, they should also be performed, and the night of the holy night should be revitalized with worship.
  • We should reflect, think about the meaning and purpose of life, and question whether we live in accordance with God's wishes.
  • We must pray for ourselves and our Muslim brothers, and we must not neglect to pray by mentioning their names.
  • Rights holders should be sought and questioned, and loyalty and appreciation should be shown.
  • The poor, the homeless, the orphaned, the sick, the disabled, the elderly should be visited, and alms and gifts should be given to make them happy.
  • Verses, hadiths and comments regarding Mawlid Kandili should be read, religious meetings, conversations and panels should be organised, sermons and advice should be listened to, and hearts should be enthused with poems, hymns and melodies.
  • Evening, isha and morning prayers of Kandil night should be performed with the congregation in mosques.
  • The tombs of companions, scholars and saints should be visited, their consent should be obtained, and prayers should be prayed to Allah in their spiritual atmosphere.

We hope that Mawlid Kandili brings goodness to the entire Islamic world.