Prices of Opel brand vehicles have hit the bottom! New Opel Corsa Coming to Turkey! Here is the Price and Features

opel corsa new

New Opel Corsa Coming to Turkey: Here's Its Price and Features

Corsa, one of Opel's best-selling models, is preparing to enter the Turkish market with its new generation. The new Opel Corsa draws attention with both its design and technology. The price of the new Opel Corsa has not been announced yet, but it is expected to go on sale in October.

What kind of design does the new Opel Corsa have?

The new Opel Corsa reflects the brand's new design language. The new Corsa has a black panel called Opel Visor on the front and combines its headlights and grille with this panel. Additionally, the newly designed lightning bolt logo is located in the middle of this panel. In the rear design, a lightning bolt logo can be seen in the middle of the trunk lid.

The new Opel Corsa also comes with new color options. One of these is the Graphic Gray color, which is offered for the first time. This color emphasizes the stylish and sporty appearance of the new Corsa.

opel corsa new

What's in the Interior of the New Opel Corsa?

The interior of the new Opel Corsa is also full of innovations. The interior has been made more modern and comfortable with new seats, steering wheel, electronic gear lever called E-toggle and new infotainment system.

The new infotainment system is powered by Qualcomm Technologies' Snapdragon Cockpit Platform. This platform offers advanced graphics, multimedia and artificial intelligence features. In addition, the images on the 10-inch color touch screen and driver information display are clearer and more vivid.

opel corsa new

The new Opel Corsa also has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. In this way, you can connect your smartphones wirelessly to the vehicle's infotainment system.

What are the Engine Options of the New Opel Corsa?

The new Opel Corsa comes with both electric and internal combustion engine options. Corsa Electric, the fully electric version, produces 136 HP power and 260 Nm torque. Offering a range of 354 km according to WLTP norms, Corsa Electric can be charged from 20 percent to 80 percent in just 25 minutes with a fast charger.

Internal combustion engine options have not yet been fully disclosed, but gasoline and diesel engines are expected. The power range of these engines will be between 75 HP and 130 HP.

The price of the new Opel Corsa is not yet known, but it has been announced that it will be available for sale in October. So we won't wait too long for pricing information. The new Opel Corsa is preparing to compete with its rivals in the B segment.

opel corsa new