Tesla's Cybertruck reservation number is increasing day by day


Cybertruck Reservations Exceeded 2 Million Tesla's electric pickup truck Cybertruck has attracted great attention since its introduction in 2019. As the mass production of the vehicle approached, it was revealed that the number of reservations exceeded 2 million.

Futuristic Design of Cybertruck Cybertruck is quite different from traditional pickup trucks with its design. The vehicle, which has sharp lines and a triangular-shaped body, looks very attractive to some and very ugly to others. But this design has a purpose: Cybertruck stands out with its durability and performance. The vehicle has shatterproof windows, a stainless steel body and a range of up to 800 km.

Cybertruck's Launch Was Unforgettable Cybertruck's launch in 2019 was unforgettable in both positive and negative ways. When CEO Elon Musk threw a metal ball onto the stage to test the unbreakable windows of the vehicle, the windows did not break, but cracked. This situation became a subject of ridicule on social media, but the same zamIt also increased interest in the vehicle. Musk announced on Twitter a week after the launch that they had received over 250 thousand reservations for Cybertruck.

Cybertruck Reservations Continue to Increase Reservations for Cybertruck, zamThe understanding continued to increase. There was news that the number of reservations exceeded 2021 million in 1. Now, a website called Cybertruck Owners Club claims that the number of reservations has exceeded 2 million. The site states that it has created a database using the information sent to them by people who made reservations, and that the number of reservations according to this database is 2 million 48 thousand 487.

Of course, this figure is not an official figure and has not been confirmed by Tesla. Additionally, to make a reservation, you only need to pay a deposit of $100 and this deposit is refundable. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that the number of reservations will turn into the number of sales. However, it still shows that interest in Cybertruck is high.

What is the Production and Delivery of Cybertruck? Zammoment to start? We should point out that Tesla has not yet announced a clear production and delivery date for Cybertruck. However, according to the information on the company's website, the vehicle has three different versions: The price of the single-motor rear-wheel drive version is 39 thousand 900 dollars, the price of the dual-motor four-wheel drive version is 49 thousand 900 dollars, and the price of the three-motor four-wheel drive version is 69 thousand 900 dollars. . It is stated that the delivery of the single-engine version will begin in 2024, and the other two versions will begin to be delivered in 2023.