Restructuring at Porsche: America's CEO is changing

porsche usa ceo

Porsche is making a significant change to its management team in North America. Timo Resch will be appointed as North American president and CEO of Porsche Cars as of November 2023. With this change, Porsche will have a new name in its leadership position in America.

Timo Resch: New North America CEO

Timo Resch will be appointed president and CEO of Porsche in North America. Timo Resch currently serves as vice president of customer, brand and sales in the BMW M department. However, Timo Resch's relationship with Porsche is not new. Resch, who started his career with Porsche in 1995, also worked at Porsche North America in the late 2000s. With this experience, it will not be surprising if Porsche reaches the top position in America.

Leadership Duties Are Shared

Currently, leadership duties at Porsche Cars North America are shared by Chief Executive Officers Thierry Kartochian and Joe Lawrence. Kartochian serves as chief financial officer of the Stuttgart automaker, while Lawrence serves as chief operating officer. However, as of November, Timo Resch's official title will be president and CEO of Porsche Cars North America.

Departure of Former CEO Kjell Gruner

Prior to this change, Kjell Gruner, CEO of Porsche North America, left suddenly in early July. Although Gruner did not specify the reason for his departure, his LinkedIn profile shows that as of this month he is in an executive role for electric vehicle maker Rivian and is the company's chief commercial officer. Gruner had served as CEO of Porsche North America since 2020 and vice president since 2010.

Change of Sales Strategy

With this new change, Porsche's sales strategy in North America may also change. Under Timo Resch's leadership, the brand's goals and vision in America may take a new direction. Details advancing zamIt will become clear in moments.