Render Images of the New Nissan Murano Shared


New face, new profile! New Nissan Murano rendering images.

With more than 2015 deliveries in the United States market since its current generation was introduced in 500.000, the Nissan Murano has become a solid player. However, at a time when the SUV segment was rapidly developing, the need for a new generation Murano was inevitable. Finally, after seeing spy photos of the next-generation Murano, the first predictions of what the completely renewed vehicle may look like have arrived.

What Does Innovation Bring?

Compared to the previous model, one of the most notable features of the new Murano is the updated V-Motion grille. This grille looks wider, but appears to extend less deeply into the front fascia. It looks like the current Murano's large headlights will be smaller, and some lighting details appear to have been moved to the grille area. Overall, the front end of the new Murano appears to have a strong design reminiscent of Nissan's Ariya model.

In the side profile, the new generation Murano bears a strong resemblance to the previous model. The C-pillar curve is clearly visible under the camouflage cladding, and the characteristic waistline behind the side glass is still present. When we come to the rear, the new design at the bottom draws attention; on this side, the license plate section is lower and the thinner stop lamps seem to be combined with an LED light strip.

Technical details

Although the exterior design of the new Murano looks completely different to the current model, it is important to note that the platform underneath will most likely continue. Nissan's D platform and the 2024 Murano's 3.5-liter V6 engine – likely in an updated form – will still play important roles.


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What is the new Murano? zamWhen will it be released?

The exact release date of the new Nissan Murano has not been announced yet. However, we continue to monitor spy photos closely.

What will be the engine options of the new Murano?

There is no official information on engine options yet, but an updated V6 engine is expected to be used.

What is the price range of the new Murano?

Pricing details have not been announced yet, but we will update when more information becomes available.

What are its innovative features?

Official statements about the new Murano's innovative features are awaited, so we may have to wait to have more details.

Which other Nissan models does the new Murano's design remind you of?

The design of the new Murano carries a design language similar to Nissan's Ariya model. This reflects the brand's modern and attractive design approach.