Max Verstappen and Red Bull are not upset about the end of the winning streak

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Max Verstappen and Red Bull don't care if their winning streak ends

Verstappen, who started the race in Singapore from 11th place and finished only in fifth place, ended both Red Bull's winning streak in all races and his own 10-race winning streak.

Speaking after the race, Verstappen said: "I knew this day would come, so it's absolutely fine for me." said.

“Frankly, people are zam"An tends to say 'oh look, their tools are so good, their work is so easy'.”

“But nothing is easy and there are many details we need to get right. "We couldn't concentrate on the details this weekend and we fell back a lot."

Just like Max, team boss Christian Horner is not sad about the end of the series, on the contrary, he is happy that they were able to achieve such a series.

Horner: “Frankly, there is no zam"We didn't expect to be able to win all the races at the moment."

“I mean, there are still eight races to go! You've been asking me since Jeddah if we were expecting a record, but even winning 14 races is beyond our wildest imagination.

“Max winning 10 races in a row is crazy. The last time Sebastian [Vettel] did this was with one of our cars.”

“It seems like statistics don't really matter, but we're proud of what we've achieved as a team.”

“To have come this far, beating the record that has been held by McLaren since 1988, shows how difficult it is to achieve the kind of superiority we have achieved this year. “This is proof that everyone is doing and playing their part.”

Stating that it is not easy to achieve so many consecutive victories, Horner said: “The diversity of the tracks we encountered, the conditions, etc. “When you think about it, winning 15 races in a row is crazy.” said.

"I think this weekend was the first time since 2018 that we were out of Q3, it's been a great run for the team that we knew would end at some point."

“We are having an incredible season that we are all proud of, hopefully we can get back to the top next weekend.”