Lexus RZ received 5 stars in Euro NCAP test

lexus euroncap

Premium car manufacturer Lexus' new model RZ was awarded 5 stars by the independent vehicle safety testing organization Euro NCAP. The electric RZ, which will go on sale in Turkey in the last quarter of 2023, stands out with its attractive design, high efficiency and technologies, as well as safety.

According to the crash test results announced, Lexus' all-electric model RZ received high scores in all categories. 87 percent for adult passenger protection; 87 percent for child passenger protection; 84 percent were achieved in protection of other road users, such as pedestrians, and 81 percent in the performance of safety assistants.

Lexus RZ provides the best protection in every respect for passengers of different ages, heights and sizes in crash tests. zamAt the same time, it also draws attention with its innovative collision avoidance systems and many new active safety technologies. In addition, the RZ was the first vehicle to be awarded with “Child Detection” technology according to Euro NCAP's latest 2023 standards. This technology stands out as a life-saving technology, especially in hot weather, by warning against the possibility of leaving a child or baby in the front seat or back seat while getting out of the vehicle.

The battery of the RZ, which has a strong platform and body structure, is positioned under the chassis and nine airbags provide high passive safety as standard. Like all Lexus models, the RZ is equipped with Lexus Safety System+, which includes comprehensive advanced safety and driver assistance systems. The third generation Lexus Safety System+ can detect and prevent further risks. These safety features include the Collision Avoidance System, Lane Change Assist, Lane Keeping Assistant, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Emergency Drive Stop System and Proactive Driving Assistant. Lexus has also made the RZ one of the safest vehicles on the road, with its comprehensive range of driver assistance technologies.