Lawson: “I'm a reserve pilot right now, I'll evaluate my options later.”


The rise of young talents in the world of Formula 1 zamThe moment is exciting. Liam Lawson, who is in the racing seat of the AlphaTauri team in the middle of the 2023 Formula 1 season, managed to attract attention in a short time. So, what's going on in Lawson's career and what does he have planned for 2024? Here is the story of this young driver.

Unexpected Opportunity: Hungarian GP

Liam Lawson made a rapid entrance into the world of Formula 1 as a result of an unexpected incident at the Hungarian Grand Prix. When Daniel Ricciardo, who replaced Nyck de Vries, was injured at the Dutch GP weekend, Lawson found himself in the race seat of the AlphaTauri team. This opportunity was a big surprise for the young driver, but he was determined to make the most of it.

First Points: Singapore GP

The first race weekend was a tough one for Liam Lawson. However, subsequent races offered an opportunity to showcase the young driver's talents. He scored his first points with a 9th place finish at the Singapore Grand Prix and this success showed his potential. The Formula 1 world began to wait with curiosity for Lawson's future.

Future Plans: Reserve Pilot

Expectations have increased for the 2024 season. Liam Lawson's brilliant performance has filled many with hope that he can compete for next season. However, Red Bull announced that AlphaTauri will continue with Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo next year. Therefore, Lawson will serve as a reserve driver for AlphaTauri in the 2024 season.

“One of the positive things about being a Red Bull driver, having spent five years in it, is that it is a high-pressure programme,” Lawson said in an interview with Racer. said. "I'm a Red Bull driver, all Red Bull seats are full and unfortunately for me that means I'll be a reserve driver for now."

However, Lawson looks to the future with hope. "Once this term is over I may start looking at what options there are (for 2025), but right now I'm focused on those races."

Red Bull's Plan

Liam Lawson's name has been mentioned recently with claims that he could replace Logan Sargeant at Williams. However, Red Bull's Team Principal Christian Horner said they wanted to see Lawson as part of a long-term plan. "I think there's only one seat in Formula 1 at the moment and that looks to be Williams' seat and they're unlikely to get a driver for a year," Horner said. said. Therefore, Lawson will focus on his test and reserve pilot role and continue to work on improving his skills.


Despite his young age, Liam Lawson has become a renowned talent in the Formula 1 world. What he can do in the future is eagerly awaited, and Formula 1 enthusiasts are closely following the career of this young driver.