Jota Porsche confirmed that there was a meeting with Vettel!


Sebastian Vettel, one of the legendary names of motor sports, is preparing to open a new page in his career. Vettel, who left the races on Formula 1 tracks behind, now draws attention with his interest in endurance races. He is in talks with the British Jota team, especially for this new adventure within the framework of the World Endurance Championship (WEC). Here are the details about Sebastian Vettel's WEC adventure:

Jota Team and Porsche Collaboration

The Jota team is at the center of Sebastian Vettel's WEC adventure. Jota is focusing on big goals with the hybrid Porsche 2024 LMDh prototype vehicles it will have in 963. Team boss Sam Hignett confirmed that they made an offer to German pilot Vettel. However, he emphasized that there is no official agreement at the moment and negotiations are still in the early stages.

Vettel's Passion for Racing

Vettel has made it clear that he misses racing after ending his Formula 2022 career at the end of 1. However, he did not make a clear decision for a comeback. It can be said that these meetings were an important step towards satisfying Vettel's passion for racing.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

Jota team, not only in races but also zamIt is currently taking important steps in sustainability and environmental awareness. The team's vehicles will be supported by Hertz and will attract attention with their environmentally friendly gold colors. Additionally, their guesthouse at Le Mans is powered by solar energy, reflecting the team's vision of sustainability.

Potential Teammates

Stating that the Jota team is in the process of determining the driver roster and has no problems with financial support, Hignett stated that the second vehicle in which Vettel is being considered will also be supported by Hertz. He also announced that they had meetings with experienced drivers such as Jenson Button and Robert Kubica.

Excitement About the Future

The Jota team looks to the future with hope with the potential participation of Sebastian Vettel. These meetings reflect Vettel's desire to take a new direction in his career and create excitement in the world of endurance racing.

More developments are expected regarding Sebastian Vettel's WEC adventure. This could be the beginning of an exciting time for motorsport fans.