Lando Norris: “It's a great feeling to be on the podium with Sainz”

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Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz: Long-Term Friendship

McLaren pilot Lando Norris and Ferrari pilot Carlos Sainz have a friendship dating back many years. The duo have been competing together since 2018 and 2019. zamThey found good harmony at times. Last weekend, they had the pleasure of sharing the same podium once again in Monza.

Although they race for different teams, Norris and Sainz have managed to maintain a cordial relationship beyond their rivalry on the track. On Sunday, thanks to the strategy they implemented at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, they enjoyed a 1-2 finish, leaving the Mercedes drivers behind.

In his statement after the race, Norris stated that Sainz showed an extraordinary performance. “Carlos acted very wisely today. I shouldn't have tried to attack him. “The harder I pushed, the more vulnerable I became to those behind me.” said.

A Tough Struggle and Friendship

Admitting that they were under great pressure in the last laps, Norris emphasized the importance of getting through these stressful moments without mistakes. “The final laps were frustrating. It was important not to make mistakes. “I knew George was going to put pressure on me and I had to defend myself.” he said.

Sainz's slowing down the pace and allowing him to use DRS in the final laps provided a great advantage for the McLaren drivers. Norris stated that this strategic move enabled them to leave Mercedes behind.

Norris also shared a memory he had on the last lap: “On the last lap, I hit the wall where George crashed. "I hit the front end and panicked a little, but nothing bad happened, just the steering wheel moved a little to the side."

Friendship is on the Podium

Lando Norris feels happy about being on the post-race podium with Carlos Sainz zamHe stated that the moment was beautiful. He stated with a laugh that it was the first time they shared the 1st and 1nd places in a Formula 2 race, but this happened in the wrong order. However, he emphasized that this situation did not pose a problem and said that Sainz deserved this success.

Norris stated that the two pilots have gotten along well for many years and that it is a great pleasure to share this success. The two have maintained their friendship since 2018 and 2019 and enjoy competing together.

Close Competition in Formula 1

Norris emphasized that there is currently a very close race between teams other than Red Bull and said, “If Red Bull wasn't here, I would have won two races already!” said.

He stated that this season, in which different teams compete tightly, adds excitement to Formula 1. He stated that AlphaTauri is fast, Aston Martin is competitive and Ferrari, which had a close fight at the beginning of the season, is in decline.

Norris, every part of this rivalry zamHe said that the moment was exciting and that they wanted to see different winners beyond the period dominated by Red Bull.

Finally, he stated that he believes Red Bull can be fast again and said, “We will see what happens next weekend. “They will probably come back to the top.” said.