Is today Mawlid Kandili? What is Mawlid Kandili? zammoment? Mawlid Kandili Gregorian and Hijri Calendar date

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Mawlid Kandili is considered one of the most important nights of the Islamic world. Tonight, our Prophet Hz. It is the night when Muhammad (pbuh) honored the world. Mawlid Kandili is celebrated every year on the 12th night of the month of Rabi al-Awwal according to the Hijri calendar. So, what will be the Mawlid Kandili in 2023? zammoment to celebrate? Is it a candle today? Here are the details…

Mawlid Kandili 2023 Date

Mawlid Kandili in 2023 according to the Gregorian calendar Tuesday 26 September your day Wednesday 27 September The night connecting to the day will be celebrated. This night is considered the birthday of our Prophet by Muslims and is commemorated with prayers, hymns and Mawlid readings.

Meaning and Importance of Mawlid Kandili

Mevlid means "birth" in Arabic zamIt means "memory". Mevlid Kandili or Veladet Kandili, the last prophet of Islam, Hz. It is the night that Muhammad (pbuh) was born. Our Prophet according to the Gregorian calendar In 571 He was born in Mecca on the 20th of April.

Mawlid Kandili is celebrated according to the Hijri calendar for the first time in Islamic history. In 350 It started to be celebrated during the Fatimid Empire in Egypt. Later, it became widespread during the Ottoman Empire and continued in Turkey. On Mevlid Kandili, oil lamps were lit on the minarets and this tradition has continued until today.

Mawlid Kandili is a very important night for Muslims. Tonight is an opportunity to remember and understand the life of our Prophet, his exemplary morality, his beautiful sunnah and the message he brought. Tonight is an opportunity to thank God, to ask for His forgiveness, and to get closer to Him. Tonight is an intention to send blessings upon our Prophet, to love him and to obey him.

How to Celebrate Mawlid Kandil?

On Mawlid Kandili, Muslims flock to mosques and pray. Mawlid is read and hymns are sung in mosques. The Holy Quran is read, prayers are prayed and Mawlid programs are organized in homes. In addition, kandil messages are sent to loved ones and treats such as kandil bagels are made.

The recommended prayers to be performed on Mawlid Kandili are as follows:

  • To repent for sins and ask for forgiveness
  • Reading the Holy Quran and trying to understand it
  • Bringing peace to our Prophet and learning about his life
  • Praying and gaining rewards through supererogatory prayers
  • Giving alms and doing charity
  • Strengthening relationships with family, relatives, neighbors and friends
  • Helping poor, orphaned, homeless and sick people
  • Praying for this world and the hereafter

Things that are harmful to do on Mawlid Kandili are as follows:

  • Following bid'ahs and superstitions and spreading them
  • Thinking that reading Mawlid is an act of worship and doing it for show
  • Neglecting or misreading the Holy Quran while reading Mawlid
  • Excessively praising our Prophet or attributing divine attributes to him while reciting Mawlid
  • Using musical instruments or dancing while reading Mevlid
  • Engaging in sins such as lying, slander, backbiting and gossip while reading Mawlid