How much will the minimum wage be in 2024? zam future? Minimum wage zamIs it expectation and calculation…

minimum wage zammi

Minimum wage, just a few days before the new year zamhas become one of the most talked about topics on the agenda. How much will the minimum wage be in 2024? zam future? Minimum wage zamWhat is the expectation? Minimum wage zamHow will it be calculated with inflation and welfare share? Here is the minimum wage zamQuestions about…

Minimum wage ZamIs What ZamAnnounced at the moment?

Minimum wage zamThe countdown has begun for ? Minimum wage will be increased in 2024 zam The rate will be announced in December. The Minimum Wage Determination Commission convened in December and determined the minimum wage. zamwill determine whether The commission will include representatives of workers, employers and the government.

Minimum wage ZamWhat is the expectation?

Minimum wage zamExpectations are high for mi. Minister of Labor Vedat Işıkhan announced that the minimum wage will be increased by 2024 percent in 50. zam announced that it would be done. However, he stated that this rate includes the collective agreement increase as well as the inflation difference. Therefore, it is expected that the minimum wage will be given a welfare share above inflation.

Minimum wage ZamHow will it be calculated?

Minimum wage zamInflation rate and welfare share play an important role in calculating the inflation rate. The inflation rate shows the rate of increase in the consumer price index (CPI). Welfare share means that the increase in national income is reflected in the minimum wage.

Minimum wage zamThe following formula is used to calculate:

Minimum wage Zam= (Inflation Rate + Welfare Share) x Current Minimum Wage

For example, let's say the current minimum wage is 11 thousand 402 TL, the inflation rate is 20 percent and the welfare share is 10 percent. In this case, the minimum wage will be zam is calculated as follows:

Minimum wage Zammi = (0,20 + 0,10) x 11.402 = 3.420,6 TL

Bu zamThe new minimum wage becomes as follows:

New Minimum Wage = Current Minimum Wage + Minimum Wage Zamis

New Minimum Wage = 11.402 + 3.420,6 = 14.822,6 TL