Gendarmerie General Command is recruiting 6 thousand 940 contracted specialist sergeants! How to apply?


6 thousand 940 contracted specialist sergeants will join the Gendarmerie General Command. According to the announcement published in the Official Gazette, recruitment will be made in different branches such as gendarmerie, horse groomer, boat steward, medic, communications and aviation. Application conditions and dates are curious. Here are all the details about the Gendarmerie specialist sergeant recruitment...

Gendarmerie Specialist Recruitment Application Dates

Applications for the recruitment of contracted specialist sergeants to the Gendarmerie General Command have started today. Candidates will be able to apply online between 18 September and 2 October.


What are the Application Conditions for Gendarmerie Specialist Recruitment?

Candidates who will apply for the gendarmerie specialist sergeant recruitment must meet the following conditions:

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Türkiye and male
  • Being over 2023 years old and under 20 years old in 27
  • Being a secondary school (high school), associate or bachelor's degree graduate and having a KPSS score of 50 or above, or being a primary school (secondary school) graduate to apply for vocational branches
  • There is no requirement to do military service, but those who apply while doing military service must have a score of eighty (80) points or above.

How to Apply for Gendarmerie Specialist Recruitment?


Candidates who want to apply for the recruitment of Gendarmerie Specialist Officers should review the "2024 Gendarmerie General Command Contracted Specialist Private Supply" guide published on the websites "" and "". They will be able to make a CHOICE.

How is the Gendarmerie Specialist Recruitment Branch Distribution?


The branches and quotas for which contracted specialist sergeants will be recruited for the Gendarmerie General Command are as follows:

  • Gendarmerie: 6 thousand 612 people
  • Horse Caretaker: 2 people
  • Boat Steer: 16 people
  • Medic: 200 people
  • Combat: 100 people
  • Aviation: 10 people

For more information about gendarmerie specialist sergeant recruitment, you can visit the [Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy Presidency] website.