Albon: “Perez's attack on me was completely 'optimistic'”


Attack Incident at the Singapore Grand Prix

There were exciting moments in the Formula 1 world. An attack towards the end of the Singapore Grand Prix attracted all eyes. Sergio Perez made a bold move against Williams driver Alexander Albon, and this attack became one of the main topics talked about after the race.

Alexander Albon's Opinion

Alexander Albon, who had a difficult time during the race due to problems with the power unit, shared his opinions about Perez's attack after the race. Albon described this attack as "an optimistic move".

Despite the difficulties he experienced during training, Albon was in eighth place in the race, just behind Liam Lawson and ahead of Perez. However, things started to change at turn 13. Perez tried to move towards the inside of Albon and as a result of this move, the two cars came into contact. This contact caused Albon to be left off the scoreboard.

Following this incident, Perez was given a five-second suspension by the referees. zampenalty and one penalty point were given. However, this penalty did not change the race result and he crossed the finish line 11 seconds ahead of Lawson.

Albon finished the race in 11th place, but he believes that this position could be higher for him. In his statement after the race, he said, "I should have been eighth."

Albon also evaluated the incident from inside the vehicle. “Obviously we have limited visibility in the vehicle; "Maybe it looks different from the outside," he said.

Stating that they had a strategic race and approached Liam Lawson, Albon said, “But then I had contact with Checo and this took me out of my race. "But from what I saw in my rearview mirrors, it was an optimistic move," he said.


This attack incident at the Singapore Grand Prix once again showed the excitement and competition of Formula 1. Alexander Albon's lessons learned from the race and Sergio Perez's bold move reflected the tight competition within the sport. Motorsports enthusiasts are waiting for similar exciting moments in the upcoming races.