4 Mercedes-AMG One models were seen being tested together

amg one

Mercedes-AMG One is a supercar that car enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting. But interestingly, prototypes of this magnificent vehicle are still being tested. In the latest videos, we see four different AMG One prototypes being tested side by side. What is the purpose of these tests and what can be said about what is being tested? Here are the details of this extraordinary meeting.

Four AMG One Prototypes in One

Mercedes started deliveries of the AMG One at the beginning of the year and proved that this supercar has performance beyond expectations. However, the interesting thing is that these vehicles are still being tested. A recent video shows four different AMG One prototypes being tested together. This is a rare sight in the auto world.

What's next?

So, what does Mercedes aim for with these tests? There doesn't seem to be a clear answer to this question. However, there are several known factors. First, emissions rules in Europe continue to push manufacturers towards alternative power sources. Therefore, Mercedes may be working on an electric or hybrid vehicle that could be a “sequel” to the AMG One.

Additionally, the 1.6-liter hybrid-assisted V6 engine is said to be still under development. This engine beats at the heart of the AMG One and has a crazy redline of 11.000 rpm. However, the engine needs to be replaced every 50.000 kilometers. This shows that it is unlikely that any of these cars will reach this mileage.

A Special Version?

Through these prototypes, Mercedes may suggest that a special version for the AMG One is being tested. In particular, Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton announced in an interview in 2019 that he wanted to work on a “LH Edition” with AMG. So perhaps work has actually begun on this special version.

As a result, the Mercedes-AMG One is still the darling of the automobile world and continues to be developed. These extraordinary tests increase the excitement about the future of this magnificent car and excite car enthusiasts.