New ranking format to be retested in Monza


Formula 1 Changes Qualification Format

Alternative Tire Allocation Format to be Tried in Hungary and Italy

Formula 1 management has made several attempts in recent years to change the traditional weekend format. In this context, the sprint format was also tried in the races. In the ranking format, it seems difficult to make a big change, because the current format has only been in effect for 17 years and is loved by everyone.

The administration, which experimented with the "elimination format" in 2016, but faced a huge fiasco, hasn't touched Saturdays much since then. However, as of this season, we started to see some changes.

The management, which wants to make changes while preserving the traditional format, has taken a format called “Alternative Tire Allocation” to the trial process for this purpose. This format mandates the use of a different rubber compound in each session of qualifying. It also reduces the number of tire series allocated to drivers over the weekend.

The format, which was first tried in Hungary, was not badly received as it increased the variables. The format will be tried once again in Italy. It is not yet clear whether the format will be permanent.

The tires to be used within the scope of the format are as follows:

  • Q1: Hard dough
  • Q2: Medium dough
  • Q3: Soft dough

Especially in Q1, the necessity of hard dough is important, as it will not be easy to fight with the traffic while heating the tire. This will present a separate challenge to both the drivers and the teams.