The new Nissan Leaf undergoes a radical change

nissan leaf

The third generation Nissan Leaf is poised to become a major player in the electric car market. The car will change significantly and turn into a crossover. This will allow Leaf to appeal to a wider audience.

The new Leaf appears to be a smaller model of the Nissan Ariya. This indicates that the car will have a more modern and stylish appearance. Also, the technical specifications of the two models sharing the CMF-EV platform will be similar.

The range of the 2026 Nissan Leaf is said to increase by around 25% compared to the current generation's most "long-range" version. This means that the car can travel approximately 450 km on a single charge. This will make the Leaf even more competitive in the electric car market.


The new Nissan Leaf will be launched in 2026. The price of the car has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be close to the price range of the current generation.

The new Leaf will play an important role in Nissan's electric car strategy. The car will help the brand increase sales of electric cars and contribute to strengthening Nissan's leading position in the electric vehicle market.

Here are some key facts about the new Nissan Leaf:

  • There will be a crossover
  • It will look like a smaller model of the Nissan Ariya
  • Will share the CMF-EV platform
  • Its range will increase by about 25% over the current generation
  • To be released in 2026

I think the new Leaf will be successful in the electric car market. The car has a modern and stylish look, good range and a competitive price. These features make the Leaf an attractive option for those considering an electric car purchase.