Volvo may introduce a minivan soon

volvo em

The EM90 is described as “a Scandinavian living room in motion”. With its spacious interior and comfortable features, it will be an ideal option for families.

The EM90 shares the same platform as the Zeekr 009. Therefore, it will have a powertrain consisting of two electric motors and a power of 534 horsepower.

The EM90 will compete with luxury minivans like the Buick GL8 and Lexus LM.

When we look at the design, especially the first image in which the photo of the vehicle is presented from above, does not give any clue about other details that are kept secret for now. But the EM90 is likely to be quite large. It could be a cousin to another radical-looking minivan called the Zeekr 009. This makes sense because one of the side images shows that the roof of the 009 looks almost exactly like the roof of Volvo's upcoming luxury model. Door handles, antenna, side mirrors and other details seem to have remained unchanged.

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