Vasseur: "Although we pitted Leclerc late, we made the right decision"

vasseur leclerc pit

Leclerc pitted as soon as the first lap was over and put on transition tires. However, Ferrari's rain tires were not yet ready in the pits and Leclerc lost by 10 seconds.

When the race started again, Leclerc started to struggle in the middle group. However, during his first lap fight with Oscar Piastri, a piece of his front wing broke off and damaged the floor.

Leclerc replaced his front wing with rain tires installed. However, the floor damage is serious to the vehicle. zamwas wasting time.

Ferrari pulled out of the race on lap 42 as Leclerc began to be overtaken by AlphaTauri's rookie driver, Liam Lawson.

Team principal Frederic Vasseur said Leclerc made the right decision, but they were having trouble because the decision was delayed.

“Leclerc saw the rain start in the last sector and decided to pit. It was a late decision, but I definitely think it was the right decision.” said.

Leclerc received 1 point for retiring and is 37 points behind Max Verstappen in his championship standings.