Toyota Türkiye won the Gold award at the “Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards”

brandon toyota

Toyota Türkiye Marketing and Sales Inc. Brandon Hall Group, one of the most prestigious business awards in the world, achieved another important success within the scope of HCM Excellence Awards. Received the “GOLD” Award in the Talent Management Awards category at the 2023 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards.

Toyota Turkey, which offers new programs to its employees every day in order to be one of the most preferred companies by talents and to retain talent, aims to move the corporate culture forward and enable its employees to develop themselves in every field, zamto feel “valued” at every step with the philosophy of “respect for people”; takes care to be with the employees in their most special moments and celebrate successes together. Aiming to be a partner in the development of all its employees in the Toyota Journey, Toyota Turkey increases employee loyalty with instant thanks and rewards thanks to “Arigato”, which carries its appreciation and rewarding journey to the digital platform in 2022. zamAt the same time, it succeeded in increasing the motivation of the employees by spreading the culture of thanks within the company. This entire journey also reflects Toyota's pursuit of excellence, contributing to a happier working environment and a better career for employees.

The Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards are recognized in the areas of Learning & Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Sales Performance, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, and Future of Business Excellence that have impacted the development of more than 30 million employees and executives over 10 years. It is one of the most prestigious awards in global business, recognizing best practices for startups. Brandon Hall Group thoroughly reviews applicant programs on many aspects such as suitability for business needs, program functionality, integration, creativity and measurable benefits. Toyota Turkey's “Journey of Appreciation and Rewarding” program was evaluated by a panel of experienced industry experts, Brandon Hall Group analysts and executives, and was deemed worthy of the Gold Award.