Skoda releases cabin photos of new Superb and Kodiaq

skoda interior cabin

Skoda is preparing to introduce the new generations of its flagship models.

The brand revealed the interior design of the new Superb and Kodiaq with the images it published today.

The new generation models will attract attention with their modern cabins. The gear knob will now be located behind the steering wheel as a selector, as we know from German models. A wireless charging tray is placed in the new place, which is opened with the lifting of the gear knob. The volume of storage space in this area has also grown.

On the front console, there are radial selectors that Skoda calls “Smart Dial”. Two of these controllers with LED display allow you to control the air conditioning on the passenger and driver side. The middle one can be used for many functions. To switch between these functions, it is enough to press the button.

Thanks to this controller zamYou can also control some functions of the new Superb and Kodiaq's 13-inch infotainment system at the same time. In addition, models now come with a 10-inch digital display and HUD as standard.

The main difference between the Superb and Kodiaq is the cooled wireless charging pad. While Superb can charge a single phone with this system, its high-driving brother will be able to charge two phones at once.

The new Superb and Kodiaq will be available in the first days of 2024.

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