The cause of Sargeant's crash was confirmed to be a hydraulic problem.

sergeant accident hydraulic

Logan Sargeant out of race at Zandvoort due to hydraulic problem

Williams driver Logan Sargeant was out of the race at the Dutch Grand Prix due to hydraulic problems.

Starting from the 10th place in Zandvoort, Sargeant made the first laps in the wet. zammoment lost. Sargeant, who started to find his rhythm as the track dried up, crashed into the curb at the 15th turn on the 8th lap and was out of the race.

Speaking to the team over the radio before getting out of the vehicle, Sargeant said, "I don't know what happened, man. Something broke in the front right when I hit the pavement.” used the phrases.

Speaking after the race, Williams Technical Director Dave Robson confirmed that the crash was caused by a hydraulic problem affecting the steering.

“Loss of hydraulic pressure leads to loss of steering control in an F1 car,” Robson said. said.

Disappointed, Sargeant admitted that he kept the incident in his mind when he was on slippery ground in the wet early stages of the race.

The American pilot, who successfully opened in Q3 for the first time in his career on Saturday, ended the day early with an accident in Q3.

"After what happened Saturday, I was very cautious as I didn't want to crash, so the first 15 laps were tough." said.