Sargeant: “Everything will be fine for me as long as I improve myself”

logan sergeant

Sargeant copes with pressure about his future at Williams

Formula 1 young driver Logan Sargeant is dealing with the pressure of speculation about his future at Williams.

Struggling to maintain his place in the team for the 2023 season, Sargeant competes with Mercedes reserve driver Mick Schumacher and Formula 2 championship fighter Frederik Vesti.

Speaking to the media ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix, Sargeant said it was difficult to deal with pressure, but that it was an inevitable part of an F1 driver.

“In F1 the pressure is zamthere is a moment.” Sargeant said, “It doesn't matter what position you are in or what team you are on, this is a performance-oriented sport. I think we all understand that.” said.

Sargeant said he is trying to focus on improving his performance and that the team will make the best decision for next season.

“The only thing I can do is zamto do better than now and help the team.” "The rest is up to them," said Sargeant. said.