Sainz: "F1 should not interfere with Red Bull domination"

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Sainz support for Red Bull domination

Red Bull is showing historic dominance in Formula 1 this season. Having won all of the first 12 races, Red Bull is also ahead of its competitors in the drivers' and constructors' championships by a large margin.

This has disappointed many fans. The fact that a team can dominate so easily despite the aero constraints and budget limit questions F1's competitiveness.

It is stated that the number of viewers has also decreased. Although there is no problem in the number of spectators on the rink, the television numbers are quite low.

On these developments, calls are made to F1 and the FIA. Red Bull domination is demanded to be stopped.

However, these comments are opposed by Carlos Sainz. Sainz does not support stopping anyone who is doing a good job.

Speaking at the press conference on Thursday, Sainz said, “When we analyze these types of questions, we always zam“I try to put myself in the shoes of others,” he said.

“If my team did what Red Bull did, I wouldn't want F1 to change anything. Red Bull deserves to be in the position it is in.”

“They did an incredible job with this year's car. Max Verstappen is giving a very high level performance”

“Unless proven otherwise, they deserve the success they have. Opportunities are equal for all and they dominate F1 fairly.”

Verstappen and Red Bull are both candidates for the unprecedented success of winning all the races as the second half begins.

However, Sainz considers such a record unlikely. He will try to disrupt the series by evaluating possible mistakes in the remaining races.

“I don't quite believe that Max will win every weekend”

"Obviously I know how lucky I am, but there's still a possibility that Ferrari will win one race this season and I'll be there to win it."

“I don't think anyone is perfect. Hopefully at some point we'll see Red Bull make a mistake. And I go into every weekend thinking I have to be there to win the race."

“Even in the years when Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari are at their most dominant, zamThere was a race where you could make a difference or something could happen any moment.”

“As a pilot, especially in years like these, you live with a bit of that motivation.”