Rolls-Royce introduced another Droptail model: Amethyst Droptail

rolls royce amethyst droptail

Rolls-Royce makes a difference with Amethyst Droptail designed for private customers

Rolls-Royce introduced the Amethyst Droptail model it designed for a special customer. One of the four special models to be produced, Amethyst Droptail stands out with its remarkable features.

Amethyst Droptail carries a special duotone color combination when viewed from the outside. The main color is soft purple, inspired by the Globe Amaranth flower, and contrasts with the deep purple Amethyst dye.

22-inch glossy aluminum wheels are located on all four corners, while traces of a contrasting purple blue paint can be seen on the inside. For the first time, a hand-polished grill is also featured in this model. This process was achieved in a total of more than 50 hours of work to ensure uniformity between surfaces.

The customer of the vehicle also made a special request to the automaker to design electrochromic glass that can change the color of the glass. Rolls Royce explains that to get this feature, it had to try 60 different versions of the glass. When the glass is closed, it becomes completely opaque and has a purple hue. When it is transparent, it has a color suitable for the brown leather seats of the interior.

The interior combines dark woods and contrasting leather with soft purple tones. Rolls-Royce states that it tests all woods to ensure that the wood surfaces meet the same durability standards as the exterior parts. The British company tested more than 150 samples by exposing them to sunlight, rain and temperature changes for more than 8,000 hours before final assembly of the car.

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