Ricciardo: “I have no plans to retire”


Ricciardo wants to stay in Formula 1

Looking to retire after two disappointing seasons with McLaren, Daniel Ricciardo is back on the track at Red Bull's offer.

Speaking in Zandvoort after the summer break, the Australian driver said he wants to stay in Formula 1.

“I treat each race individually, but now I want to stay in Formula 1 for a few more years.” said Ricciardo, “Six months ago I was thinking differently. At that time, I wanted to think about my future, but now I feel ten years younger again.” used his statements.

“I have the energy and motivation of a young driver again. I enjoy racing again.” "The plan in my head is to continue for a while, but in terms of performance, I consider each race separately," said Ricciardo. said.

Ricciardo stated that he is motivated again to stay in Formula 1, “Now I want to go back to the beginning of my career and find that motivation again to be here. My love for the sport and pure enjoyment is the most important thing.” said.

Stating that he has not been able to enjoy Formula 1 as much as he would like in recent years, Ricciardo said, “This has not been the case in recent years. I could no longer enjoy it as much as I wanted. I remember wondering if I wanted to race in December last year.” used his statements.

Ricciardo said he is happy to be back at Red Bull. “Six months ago I wasn't sure if I would return to the sport or race again. Now I see every weekend as a bonus. I'm here, I can race and I enjoy it." said.

Stating that he competed without the pressure to perform, Ricciardo said, “There is not much pressure on me to perform. I still want to prove myself, but that doesn't put too much pressure on my shoulders." said.