Porsche Macan EV, once again reflected on the cameras

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Porsche's next-generation Macan has been delayed to 2024 due to unexpected technical issues. CEO Oliver Blume explained that there were “software issues” behind this delay.

In the new spy photos we have received, we see that the all-electric Macan continues its tests in the rain. The electric model, which Porsche has hidden with body-colored camouflages, now seems to have got production parts. Headlight sets, which have a four-piece design, which we also know from Taycan, are one of the details that draw our attention first.

It is possible to say that the camouflage covers the stops and the light bar above the stops. We believe that the camouflages on the corners of the rear bumper were only placed to deceive prying eyes.

Porsche will also make the electric Macan's roofline much more sloping. In this way, the aerodynamic structure of the model will be strengthened, and the bottom of the battery will be stripped with bread and will increase its range. Speaking of aerodynamics, let's add that the EV Macan has standard door handles. The level door handles, which are now the norm in electrics, will not be on the Macan EV.

The Macan EV, which will be built on the PPE architecture developed together with Audi, zamAt the same time, he will live with his brothers with an internal combustion engine. It has been announced that the model will have a dual-engine structure and can produce at least 600 hp. The electric model is the same zamIt will come with a 100 kWh battery at the same time.

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