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Pirelli accelerates tire tests for the new season

Pirelli has stepped up its testing program to develop new tires for the 2023 season.

The Italian tire manufacturer will test the prototype tires in a test to be held in Monza after the Italian GP by Alpine and Red Bull. All teams will also test the new tires during Friday sessions in Japan and Mexico.

Pirelli has dedicated all in-season tire testing until July to its blanketless tires, which it hopes will be available from 2024. However, the F1 Commission has decided to delay blanketless tires for at least one more season. Therefore, Pirelli had to focus on standard tires for the 2023 season.

The new tires have to be approved by 1 December, i.e. immediately after the 2024 tires have been tried by all teams in the test following the Abu Dhabi GP, Pirelli said.

“We know that vehicles are in constant evolution,” said Simone Berra, Pirelli chief engineer. We need to continually improve the tyre's durability, fatigue resistance and ripple resistance due to increased aero load." said.

“We also want to improve the existing range of doughs, particularly on doughs that perform slightly less than expected,” Berra said. used his statements.

“Teams made the simulations for next year available in June, so it takes a few months to process all the data and understand what the target is in terms of load for next year,” Berra said. zamwe had a moment.” said.

“We keep moving forward with new materials, a new structure and a new geometry, so we work as hard as we can,” Berra says. used his statements.

“Obviously, a change in philosophy is required after a point, but for now, we have achieved good results by working on the existing structure and continuing with different new solutions.” said.