Perez's sole aim is to make a 'strong' start to the second half

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Sergio Perez, who made a very good start to the 2023 Formula 1 season and had two wins in the first four races, has been quite out of shape since then.

In the Monaco-Silverstone period, there were also those who showed that the car was developed according to Max Verstappen, causing Perez to regress, who could not even stay in Q3 for five races.

However, Perez has been showing his recovery over the last few races.

Speaking at the press conference on Thursday, Perez said: "Yes, it was quite important to finish strong, especially the last two races." said.

"It's no secret that as the car developed, I had a little more difficulty, some things didn't feel natural anymore and I had to change my driving style, as the car changed."

“Still, the last two races were much better in many ways. In Spa we were very, very competitive despite the competitive run, which is very positive.”

Perez is second in the championship and is only 40 points ahead of Fernando Alonso just behind him. Considering Red Bull's advantage and Aston Martin's situation, things seem to have gotten a little easier.

Speaking of his goals for the rest of the season, Perez said: “I'm mainly focused on myself, I just want to win a few more victories and perform consistently in the remaining 10 races. That's my goal." said.

“Obviously I know how much potential the car has, Max is taking full advantage of that potential. Knowing that, it's not easy to fall behind.”

“But our car is really great. All we have to do is make sure we get the maximum, what next? zamYou never know when you will have such a good car.”