Norris said you should be happy to be able to watch Verstappen

Norris Verstappen

In Formula 1 this year, Max Verstappen has 13 wins in 11 races and is comfortably leading the championship. Verstappen, who has won all of the last nine races and caught Sebastian Vettel on a back-to-back win record, has a good chance of winning all the remaining races.

One of the most difficult tasks right now is being Verstappen's teammate and getting the seat. zaman zamThe name of Lando Norris is mentioned.

Speaking to Ziggo Sport, Norris was asked if he would like to be Verstappen's teammate at Red Bull.

“I would love the opportunity to do that in the future,” Norris said. said.

“Maybe when Max gets bored of winning he will come to McLaren!” he replied humorously.

Norris continued his words by saying that he did not want to be the co-pilot next to Verstappen, “if you lose him, you will become the co-pilot.” made the emphasis.

The British driver doesn't think there are any names that can say he can clearly beat Verstappen at the moment.

“I'd like to think it is (I can beat Max), but it's impossible to say 'yes' or 'no' to that.”

"I'm not confident enough to say 'yes, it's very simple'."

Norris thinks people should enjoy watching Verstappen.

“He is one of the best drivers you will ever see in Formula 1. Even when he's winning, you should be happy to witness what he's been able to accomplish because there aren't many people who can do something similar.”

"As for the question, I want to believe that I can race and fight against him."