How will McLaren be efficient with its Dutch GP rear wing?

mclaren wing

McLaren had made an impressive breakthrough with the update package before the summer break. But the Woking team is not complacent as they try to unleash the full potential of this year's vehicle.

It also wants to learn as much as possible before 2024 so that it can set a more specific development direction for its next vehicle.

The most important part of the update came at the Austrian Grand Prix, but only Lando Norris's car was updated in that race. Oscar Piastri first tasted the new pack at the British Grand Prix, where the second phase of the update for Norris arrived.

Originally planned as a three-race update, the notable changes to the innovations were the transition from the half-piece front wing planers to the side plate first seen on the Mercedes.

Coming to the Hungarian Grand Prix, the team had to do more to better understand the pieces it's already promoting. zamannounced that the introduction of the third phase of the update package has been postponed, as it needs the main

Given the high downforce nature of the Hungaroring, the planned updates for this track likely focused on a revised rear wing layout, and that update has now arrived at the Dutch Grand Prix as the team is trying to get back on track after the Belgian GP. .

While the new rear wing appears to be inspired by a design concept first introduced by Alpine at the Monaco GP, AlphaTauri followed suit, with the tip of the wing completely overhauled to enforce discontinuity with the side plate.

Another similar design is also on the Aston Martin AMR23.zamsuddenly appeared and he zamIt has since been embraced by Mercedes and Ferrari, showing that there is room for interpretation in regulations in this region.

This will likely lead to a protracted mini-development battle before one of these variants finally wins.