Leclerc says he intends to stay in the team but they haven't started talks yet

charles leclerc ferrari contract

Post-2024 deal uncertainty between Leclerc and Ferrari

Ferrari young talent Charles Leclerc has confirmed that he has not yet reached an agreement on the extension of his current contract, which will expire at the end of the 2024 season.

It was claimed that Leclerc signed a 2+3 year deal with Ferrari in the summer and would earn around $200 million. However, Leclerc denied these allegations at the press conference before the Dutch GP.

The Monaco pilot said, “I wish I had made this deal because it looks like a good deal!” said. However, Leclerc added that there is no new deal or any negotiations.

“I think my intentions are clear,” Leclerc said. I don't know how the situation is for the team, but I'm not too worried." said.

“For me, that's not a priority right now. For now we just want to work on the car as much as possible and get back to where we were last year, which means fighting for the win.”

Leclerc stated that he does not have any concerns about his future due to mutual trust and therefore he is not in a hurry.

“To be frank, I didn't even set a specific deadline. I'm not in such a rush."

“I still have a year and a half, which seems like little because I had a five-year contract and now we are nearing the end. But we have a long way ahead zamthere is a moment.”

“I am not worried. If I was worried, I probably would have started the talks sooner. But I'm not too worried because I know everything will be alright."

Asked whether it was a joint decision with Ferrari to wait until the end of the season to start negotiations, Leclerc replied:

"We don't actually talk to each other about it."

“Neither I am speaking nor they. So actually we both decided that way, and I think that's the right path.”

“Like I said, we are in no rush.”