Leclerc has an ear infection

charles leclerc

ormula 1 pilots made good use of the one-month summer break after an intense period of 12 races.

The pilots, who spent their holidays taking advantage of the hot weather and meeting with the sea, sand and sun, also encountered some unfortunate situations.

Charles Leclerc, who spent his holidays in his home Monte Carlo and in Italy, caught an ear infection in the last days of the holiday.

Difficulty due to infection, which in certain cases can cause severe pain zamLeclerc, who had a few moments, could not get on the plane to come to Zandvoort.

The Monaco pilot, who had to come to the track with his special vehicle, had to steer for 14 hours.

Describing Leclerc's situation, reporter Will Buxton said: "Charles got an ear infection, so he couldn't come here by plane. He had to use his private vehicle.” said.

“I talked to him about this issue and asked if it would cause any dizziness. Luckily, he says he has no problems and will be fine.”

Leclerc isn't the only one who misses out on the fun during the summer break. George Russell suffered a minor injury while surfing, while Lance Stroll fell ill and was unable to attend the press conference on Thursday.