Lawson: “I could have done better but I'm still happy”

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Lawson had a good first race in AlphaTauri

Lawson, who suddenly found himself in the AlphaTauri seat after Daniel Ricciardo's injury in the second practice on Friday, spent the weekend in difficult conditions.

Lawson, who started the weekend with the only training session in the rain, faced the same slippery ground in the qualifying laps and took the last place.

In the race, in the first laps, he made contact with Kevin Magnussen for 10 seconds. zamLawson, who was suspended, did a good job nonetheless. Finishing the game in 13th place, Lawson took advantage of every opportunity and gave a strong performance.

The most exciting part of Lawson's race was his passing Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who was losing time due to floor damage, in a difficult spot. Although he was soon displaced, this transition was significant in demonstrating Lawson's potential.

Talking about his transition, Lawson said, "Yeah, to be fair [Charles] had a pretty eventful race." said.

"I think he was having a hard time with the soft tyres, and every time I passed him he was behind me on the straight, so it was a little frustrating, but of course it's good to gain experience."

“I feel like I gained experience with multiple pit stops in the race, wheel-to-wheel racing, on dry roads, and it was very useful in that respect.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is also very pleased with Lawson's first race, who is the star of the academy.

Horner says, “The same stories are repeated; An inexperienced youngster is left in a vehicle he has never driven, in variable conditions.” said.

“I actually think he ran a pretty good race, even outpacing Max in the part where Max put on the transition tires at the end of the race.”

"With the lack of experience he has, I think he's adapted really well to the tough conditions to finish a race like this."