Where is Kumbağ Çamlık Recreation Area? Tekirdag Picnic Areas


Tekirdağ is a city that stands out with its natural beauties. Picnic areas all over the city are ideal for those who want to spend time with nature.

Some of the most popular picnic areas in Tekirdağ are:

  • Kumbağ Çamlık Recreation Area: Kumbağ Nature Park, located in the Süleymanpaşa district of Tekirdağ, is located on the shores of the Marmara Sea. The park has picnic areas, hiking trails, camping areas and beaches.

Apart from these picnic areas, there are many more beautiful picnic areas in Tekirdağ. For example, in other districts of Tekirdağ, Sarkoy Nature Park, Suleymanpasa Nature Park, Cerkezkoy Nature Park ve Hayrabolu Nature Park is also worth seeing.

The most suitable for picnic in Tekirdag zamThe moment is in spring and summer. During this period, the air temperatures are high and the nature becomes greener and more vibrant.

1- Kumbağ Çamlık Recreation Area


Kumbağ Çamlık Recreation Area is a picnic area located in Süleymanpaşa district of Tekirdağ. Located close to Kumbağ Beach, it attracts attention with its lush pine forests and deep blue sea.

In the promenade, there are benches, tables and fountains for picnics. There is also a playground, a shop selling local products and a cafeteria in the area.

Kumbağ Çamlık Recreation Area is an ideal place to have a picnic, walk and enjoy the sea.

The positive aspects of the promenade area are:

  • Lush pine forests
  • azure sea
  • Areas suitable for picnics
  • Child park
  • Shop selling local products
  • Cafeteria

The negative aspects of the promenade area are:

  • It can be crowded at some times.
  • It may be necessary to use the stairs to access the sea.

In general, Kumbağ Çamlık Recreation Area is a nice option for those who want to spend time with nature in Tekirdağ.