A fierce fight at İzmir Park Racetrack

Organized by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED), AVIS 2023 Turkey Track Championship 3rd leg races were held at İzmir Park Racetrack on 26-27 August. In the organization organized with the main sponsorship of ICRYPEX, with the contributions of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Özgörkey Automotive and Salados, 15 athletes competed fiercely in the super and maxi groups.

Metin Çalışkan from Ülkü Motorsport took first place in both races of the Super Group. While Azizhan Kaya was second and Ömer Şamlı was third in the first race, Şamlı came second and Kaya third in the second race.

avis izmir

In the first race of Maxi Group, Seda Kaçan from Bitci Racing Team AMS won the first place, Gökhan Kellecioğlu placed second and Barkın Pınar placed third. In the second race, which was run on Sunday, Barkın Pınar became the fastest player of the day, while Kaçan took the second place and Kellecioğlu took the third place.

AVIS 2023 Turkey Track Championship will continue with the 23th leg races to be held on 24-4 September at TOSFED Körfez Racetrack.

Hibya News Agency