Italian press criticized Ferrari harshly after the Dutch GP

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Ferrari disappoints in Austria

Entering the second half of the season with the hope of picking things up, Ferrari disappointed in the Austrian Grand Prix.

Having to fight hard to stay in Q3 in the qualifying rounds, the team was able to finish sixth with Carlos Sainz and ninth with Charles Leclerc, who crashed in Q3.

Things got worse in the race. Leclerc broke his front wing while battling Oscar Piastri on the first lap, causing the broken piece to get stuck under the floor, damaging the car. This meant a serious performance drop.

Leclerc continued the race until lap 41, but turned into the pits and withdrew from the race, even after AlphaTauri driver Liam Lawson was passed.

For Sainz, things were a little better. The Spanish pilot, who did his best and fought as long as the car could breathe, was content with the fifth place after losing his fight against Pierre Gasly.

This weak performance of Ferrari naturally drew the reaction of the Italian press, which is known for its harsh criticism.

La Gazzetta dello Sport was one of the newspapers that reacted most harshly by using the headline "Ferrari hit rock bottom in Austria".

"It's a really black weekend for Ferrari," said Corriere dello Sport.

La Repubblica also noted that Leclerc "had an unforgettable weekend".

“For Leclerc, it was a weekend of mistakes, bad luck and mysteriously disappearing tires,” said Leo Turrini, a key writer for Sky Italy. said.

"Everything went wrong for Leclerc, but at least Sainz had a good day," said Tutto Sport, who remained relatively optimistic.