Hamilton hopes Red Bull won't continue to dominate

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Will Red Bull continue to dominate? Hamilton replied

Red Bull became the dominant team in Formula 1's ground effect era, with victories in each of the 2023 races in the first half of 12.

As F1 prepares for a major rule change for 2026, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc fears Red Bull will continue to dominate for the next two seasons.

Asked if Red Bull's advantage could continue into 2025, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton told RacingNews365.com: "There are no rule changes ahead of us, so I just hope that doesn't happen." said.

"The truth is they're way ahead and they probably started developing next year's car months before anyone else."

“They're up 100-200 points in the championship, so it's very, very possible that Charles is right. But we are working on a steep slope and we are trying to improve ourselves and close the gap.”

"We'll see next year if we can do that."

Asked what he would like to see in terms of development from the team, Hamilton said: "We need a little more grip at the back, they need to figure out how to do it." said.

“The characteristics of the airflow, how the car works in crosswinds; How it performs in high, medium and slow speed corners and everything about the tires zamthe moment we learn more.”

“There are also high, medium and low downforce settings, so we are constantly learning. We are constantly collecting data that is analyzed and I learn more every time I get in the car.”

“We are learning more about how we use the tires, how we can use the engine differently and how we can improve the fuel.”