Hamilton disagrees with his critics


Hamilton: No advice needed for Red Bull, competition must increase

Lewis Hamilton, one of Formula 1's most experienced and successful names, said he is not satisfied with Red Bull's dominance.

In an interview with M4 Sport, the Mercedes driver said: “I don't need to give any advice to Red Bull. They know what they're doing. They have dominated the sport before.” said.

Hamilton also responded to criticism from rival teams. “I'm just speaking from my experience. The fans say to me, 'Yes, but you had a dominant tool before and now you are complaining'. However, this is not like that.”

“We want the competition to increase and we want to be close even when we are at the front. That was our dream as a kid. That's why we're racing."

Hamilton also evaluated Red Bull's current form. “Of course we've had periods of Michael, McLaren, Red Bull and Mercedes before. Now there is Red Bull again. I think it's great for them.”

“They should value and enjoy this victory. In any case, we are working as hard as we can to stop this domination.”

“We also need to continue working on regulations as F1. We must not deprive the fans of the intense battle between multiple teams.”

Thinking that the new regulations are starting to work, Hamilton said: “There is a close second place battle between Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin. This is very nice. The important thing now is to reduce the difference between front and rear.” said.

“It would be great for the fans. As a racing fan, I would like to see this every weekend.”