How to Tell Real Leather? Things to Know Before Buying Sandals-Slippers

How to Tell in Genuine Leather What to Know Before Buying Sandals and Slippers
How to Tell in Genuine Leather What to Know Before Buying Sandals and Slippers

The important detail in the selection of genuine leather products is to make the right choice. Considering these details when buying sandals and slippers, as in products such as shoes, bags or wallets, ensures that you have a quality and long-lasting product. What to consider when buying genuine leather slippers and sandals Heart Manager İlhan Yücel explained.

The leather material has a unique and unique character. Temperature, weight, texture and smell are the most important ways to understand genuine leather. Genuine leather is generally heavier than synthetic and has a natural “leather” scent. It also has natural lines and imperfections that are clearly visible in its texture. Genuine leather breathes and allows the skin to breathe, so when wearing slippers and sandals, the feet are guaranteed to be comfortable.

Another important point to consider when buying leather products is the production method. Handmade leather goods are generally of higher quality and are more durable than machine-made products. Therefore, when buying genuine leather slippers and sandals, it is important to consider the production process.

Comfort and harmony are extremely important when buying sandals and slippers. real leather products, zamIt takes the shape of the foot and takes shape. This provides greater comfort in the long run. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the product must fit on the foot even in the first try.

In addition to the quality of leather, it is necessary to pay attention to the seams of slippers and sandals. In a quality product, the seams should be smooth and tight. By paying attention to the details in the seams, one can get an idea of ​​the overall quality of the product.

Genuine leather has a distinct price tag. Often, the cost of products made from synthetic material is lower than that of genuine leather. However, given the durability and longevity of leather products, they deserve the high price. That is, you can pay more initially, but in the long run there is savings due to fewer product replacements and improved overall quality.

Finally, the care of genuine leather products is also important. Since leather is a living material, it requires regular care. Keeping leather products clean, protecting them from moisture and feeding them regularly with leather care products prolongs their lifespan.

Real men leather slippers ve men's sandals You should also pay attention to these points when buying. These points are the weight, texture, smell, production process, comfort and fit, sewing quality, price and care of the product. By paying attention to these details, a high quality and long-lasting product can be selected.