Who is the young striker Bertuğ Yıldırım, who was transferred to the French team, where is he from and how old is he?


Who is Bertug Yildirim?

Bertuğ Yıldırım was born on 12 July 2002 in Istanbul. He started playing football at Sariyor Sports Club at a young age. He transferred to Hatayspor Club in 2021.

After playing in Hatayspor for 1 year, Yıldırım, who was rented to Antalyaspor, found himself here and his market value was 2.70M.reached their level. In this process, he fell into the grip of many Turkish and foreign clubs.

Yildirim, who was loaned to Antalyaspor in the 2022-23 season, drew attention by making 30 goals and 6 assists in 3 games in the league.


Lightning is 1.91 meters tall. He works in the forward zone.

Yıldırım wore the Turkish U21 National Team uniform 8 times and the Turkish A2 National Team uniform twice.

Yıldırım's contract with Hatayspor continued until 2026, but Yıldırım was about 5M.€ He was transferred to the French team Rennes in the vicinity.

Yıldırım draws attention with his strong physique and dominance in the air. In addition, he is a fast and agile player.

He drew attention with his performance in Antalyaspor.

Where is Bertug Yildirim from?

Bertuğ Yıldırım is a Turkish citizen, born in Istanbul, Türkiye.

How old is Bertug Yildirim?

Bertuğ Yıldırım was born on July 12, 2002 and is 21 years old.