Ford introduced its new vehicle, the Transit Custom Nugget

ford transitcustom

2024 Ford Transit Custom Nugget: All-inclusive for camping

Ford appeals to camping enthusiasts with the new Transit Custom Nugget developed in cooperation with Westfalia. The vehicle has all the necessary facilities for four people to sleep comfortably and camp.

The Nugget, which looks like an almost ordinary Transit Custom from the outside, reveals its difference with the opening mechanism on the roof and the awning on the side. The roof of the new Nugget is self-folding for easier use. Solar panels can also be integrated into the ceiling for an additional fee.

The interior has enough space for two double beds with the effect of the opening roof at the top. At the front there are swiveling captain seats for the driver and passenger. Rear seats are optionally available with heating, USB-C inputs and speakers. There is a hot/cold shower mechanism at the back of the vehicle as a standard feature, but an extra fee is required for the shower tent integrated into the trunk lid.

Ford Transit Custom Nugget is equipped with a 4-inch multimedia display with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, working with the SYNC13 system. Apart from this, there is a small 7-inch screen on the back where controls such as heating, water level and lighting are made. Ford also included wireless charging and standard 5G modem features in its new campervan.

Transit Custom Nugget, which has independent rear suspension and can be preferred with all-wheel drive, is sold for the first time with a rechargeable hybrid option. This system, taken from Kuga, consists of a combination of a 230-liter petrol engine and an electric motor producing a total of 2.5 hp. The battery, which has a usable capacity of 11.8 kWh, enables the camper to travel up to 32 km in pure electric driving mode.

Ford Transit Custom Nugget will be available with a 168 hp diesel engine for the first time. The hybrid engine, whose features we have listed above, will be added to the list later. The price of the car in Germany starts from 76,500 euros.

ford transitcustom ford transitcustom