Ferrari: "We know very well what we did wrong, the 2024 car will be completely different"

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Ferrari switches to a completely new design for its 2024 car

Ferrari in qualifying this year zaman zamHe admitted that he had made a mistake in the design of the SF-23, which was the fastest at the moment but fell far behind in race pace.

The team says the new vehicle's inconsistency issue is largely due to its aerodynamics. This put Ferrari behind Red Bull as well as Mercedes and Aston Martin.

"It's very clear what we did wrong with the car and what weaknesses there are," Ferrari's Chassis Chief Enrico Cardile said at a press conference in Zandvoort.

Cardile said the team is now working on an entirely new design for the 2024 vehicle.

“It will be very different because we realized that some of the architectural choices we made while developing this year's car were not right,” he said. “It was restricting his development too much.”

Cardile said the new vehicle will have a different chassis and rear. This will provide better opportunities for the team to meet their goals for next year.

Ferrari continues to produce updates for its current vehicle to find possible solutions for next year. However, the focus of the design team is now entirely on the 2024 vehicle.

“It was very important for us to work on this year's tool to better understand where the weaknesses come from and how we can do a better job,” Cardile said.

“Since the summer break, we have continued to develop the car in the wind tunnel. We will bring further updates in the coming races, but for now we are completely focused on next year's car in the wind tunnel.”

Cardile said he hopes Ferrari will return to the title fight next year.