Bentley unveils 'new car' scented perfume

bentley perfume

Bentley expands luxury range with new fragrance

Luxury car manufacturers like to bring their brands to different sectors. Aston Martin operates in many different areas, from specialty whiskeys to helicopter designs. Bentley is following this trend and expanding its luxury range with its new perfume Bentley For Men Black Edition.

Developed by world-renowned perfumer Dorothée Piot, the perfume is inspired by Bentley's Blackline models. A sparkling scent of powdery violet and sharp mandarin on opening makes it feel as fresh as a clean white shirt. Pink pepper and nutmeg add the silvery shine of a pair of sleek, polished steel cufflinks. Deeper, the scents of atlas cedar, tobacco-scented tonka bean and incense are felt.

Bentley says that 40 percent of the cars it produces are equipped with the Blackline package. This package replaces all chrome and satin finishes with Beluga black. The change also directly affects the wheels and grille.

The last model to use the Blackline package is the EWB, the long wheelbase version of the Bentayga. The flagship model can produce 4.0 horsepower from its 8-liter twin-turbo V550 engine.