Alonso says he discovered the streak he double-crossed on Friday

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Alonso had a fantastic race at Zandvoort

Fernando Alonso ZandvoortHe had a magnificent race in .

The Spanish driver started the race from the fifth place and attracted attention with his attacks on the first lap.

Alonso, who braked early in the slightly oval corner where everyone preferred the outer line and threw himself to the inside line, passed Alex Albon in braking and George Russell in acceleration, making a full IndyCar pass.

After the race, Alonso said he discovered this line during practice sessions on Friday.

"It was wet during one of the Friday practice sessions, I let a few cars go off the normal race line on one of the track's exit laps, and then discovered that there was a lot of grip on the inside."

“So I kept that line in mind, considering the possibility of a wet weekend.”

“I had quite a few drops in my visor when the race started. "One of the worst scenarios you can experience is you start the race with dry tires and you see it raining."

"Because of the rain, you have no idea what grip you're going to find when braking in Turn 3 or Turn XNUMX."

"But I thought everyone would be a little careful around Turn 3 because of the level of grip, but you also have to be extra careful as there's some new paint outside this corner."

“So I thought the inside line might work, and as a result I left two cars behind. Undoubtedly it must be the passage of the moon!” said.